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What is the Force?

In the 2019 State Championship series, 3 Central Florida teams went head to head with South Florida teams in the state championship games. Representing 8A, was Apopka vs Columbus HS. Representing 7A, Edgewater vs St. Thomas Aquinas. Representing 5A, Jones vs Miami Northwestern.

Why is it that these South Florida teams swept the Central Florida teams in the championship games? Why isn’t there any area pride when it comes to athletic production?

The only difference I see in South Florida teams and the rest of Florida is work ethic and exposure to the game.

The Central Florida Force, an Orlando-based 7v7 team, was formed in order to fulfill a void in developing young athletes. Our mission statement: The Central Florida Force is a non profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering athletes in Central Florida through the game of football; and providing them with scholarship opportunities.

With our athlete development program: “The Code” we use football as a vehicle to deliver life lessons to young men and empower them to become upstanding citizens in our community.

This 7v7 football team, participates in passing leagues and huge tournaments all across America in order to help our athletes in recruitment and exposure.

The Central Florida Force Golf Fundraiser is designed to provide opportunities scholastically and athletically to underprivileged youth in the Central Florida area. With your help we can fund athletes’ participation in tournaments, pay for their uniforms and other necessities.

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Pillars of the Force

Empower - We seek to empower our athletes in ways inside and outside of football. We work to prepare our athletes for skills they will use for the rest of their lives. We pride ourselves on how we look after these young men long beyond after they wear our uniform.

Educate- Education lays the foundation for success. We Coach our athletes up and provide them with skills they may not have received in their high school programs. In doing so, our athletes are more prepared to play in the fall and even the next level.

Elevate- We constantly prepare our athletes for life with and without the ball in their hands. We want them to be successful long after their time with us. How you meet us is not how you’ll leave us. You will be better as a son, brother, player, and eventually a husband and a father.