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Alleyne Athletics Scholarship Fund

Alleyne Athletics Scholarship Fund

One of the major goals of Alleyne Athletics was to prepare athletes for the future. Since this company's inception, multiple young athletes have been trained and prepared for their high school, middle school, and elementary seasons. Multiple athletes in elementary school have come out and built up their athletic foundation by being developed in the Genesis Training Program. However, I want to do more for our kids. I want to do more for our community.

That is why I am starting up the Alleyne Athletics Scholarship Fund.

To be eligible for this Scholarship:

-You must be a graduating senior.
-You must be planning on attending a College or University.
- You must have a GPA of 3.0 or greater.
- You must have completed your FAFSA.

How to apply:

- Write a 1500 to 2000 word essay on "What inspires you."
- In the essay, speak on your achievements in high school and what you plan on doing with your degree.
- Include your name, mailing address, and GPA at the top of the paper.

Applications are accepted from December to March.

Email essays to Subject: AA Fund

Winner(s) will be awarded a check of $500- $1000.