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Elements of DB PT. 1

Elements of DB PT. 1

Today, we discuss one of the most intricate positions in football. In this wonderful game of football, there are multiple positions among the offense and the defense. Out of the defensive positions, depending on the defense, there are 3-5 defensive backs. DB’s are the primary defenders in the passing game. The unit known as the “Secondary” is comprised of Cornerbacks and Safeties. So, what are the Elements of DB? I consider all great DB’s have Patience, Swagger, and incredible Discipline.

First, let us speak on patience. As a DB trainer, I’ve trained athletes over a wide range of ages. Patience is something that all DB’s struggle to attain. In our western culture, we are trained to be on go all the time. Everyone is in a rush to go somewhere. Sometimes, at DB, we get in a rush to no avail. I’ve had safeties bail too fast and leave the middle of the field wide open. I’ve witness CB’s begin their pedal at inappropriate times. Ultimately, there is no point in being in a rush to go where you do not need to be. I teach my guys to have patient feet when they are in press-man coverage. There is an adage, patient outside, urgent inside. This adage represents times when it is appropriate to patient and impatient. Patience will keep you in the right position longer and force the receiver to run around you. Patience is also crucial to a CB when it comes to defending the edge in the run game. The majority of the time in the run game, corners contain the run and set the edge. Impatience, when doing this job can result in a big-time play for the offense. Do not be in a rush to be in the wrong place. Play the game with patience, and you will see your patience pay you dividends.

Secondly, all athletes in the Secondary must possess elite swagger. Confidence comes from repeated success. If you’ve done it before, you can do it again. Your effort in practice is important to how you will play in a game. Attack every drill like it is a game rep. Build your confidence, by having repeated successes in practice. Believe in your ability to do your job extremely well. Rehearse yourself achieving your goals in your head, and when they actually happen you won’t be surprised at the success. Confidence is an important aspect of playing defensive back.

Finally, your discipline will separate you from the crowd. Your discipline will change you from good to great. In order to be great, you have to commit yourself to the process, to the evolution of yourself. It is uncommon to be a champion. Winning is hard. My dad used to say, ‘nothing good is free, and nothing free is good.’ All things worthwhile are earned. Commit to developing your speed, watch more film to increase your IQ, put your eyes on the right things in coverage, run your feet on contact and grab cloth when making a tackle, perfect your backpedal, never shy from contact, and always high point the ball. No receiver will ‘let’ you catch the ball. Most of the time, you will have to compete for the ball. When playing the most difficult position, set yourself up for success by being patient, having top-notch swagger, and having immaculate discipline. Doing these things will put you in places most only dream about.

-Josef Alleyne DB Trainer